Sandhya Kajeepeta, MS

Director of Research and Evaluation
SKNYC Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence

Former Research Assistant
Department of Epidemiology, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health


Research Interests
While at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, Sandhya contributed to multiple research projects focused on preterm birth. In collaboration with the Global Health and Population Department at the School, Sandhya conducted the largest systematic review of the data available on the effectiveness of the Kangaroo Mother Care method. Other projects involved analyses of a cohort study focused on the roles of adverse childhood experiences, intimate partner violence, and maternal sleep in shaping birth outcomes. Sandhya also contributed to other research projects in the field of reproductive health, including a nationwide survey of sexual and reproductive healthcare in the primary care field.

Upon graduating with a Master of Science in Epidemiology, Sandhya accepted a position as the Research Coordinator at the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence (OCDV) in New York City. She now serves as the Director of Research and Evaluation at OCDV where she manages the office’s citywide research initiatives, including the New York City Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee and a mixed-methods initiative with NYPD evaluating case reports of all family-related homicides over the past decade.


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