Pregnancy Outcomes, Maternal and Infant Study (PrOMIS) Cohort


The PrOMIS birth cohort was initially developed as part of NICHD-funded project designed to examine the risk of preterm delivery in relation to women’s mental health status and exposure to violence before and during pregnancy. Since, 2016 the follow-up of children from the PrOMIS cohort started that allowed for evaluating the intergenerational impact of trauma.

The overarching objective of the PrOMIS cohort is to examine how maternal experiences of stress and trauma across the lifespan affect offspring health outcomes. The study also investigates potential mechanisms (e.g. DNA methylation and maternal caregiving sensitivity) driving this relation.

Study Design and Setting

This prospective cohort study is being carried out at in collaboration with the the National Maternal and Perinatal Institute in Lima, Peru.

Current Study Team

United States
Dr. Bizu Gelaye
Dr. Archana Basu
Dr. Elizabeth Levey

Dr. Sixto Sanchez
Dr. Marta Rondon
Ms. Elena Sanchez