Pregnancy Outcomes, Maternal and Infant Cohort Study (PrOMIS)


To provide much-needed fundamental information concerning risk of preterm delivery in relation to women’s mental health status and exposure to violence before and during pregnancy. We will also examine the mediational effects of physiological status in the relation between intimate partner violence and preterm delivery.


Preterm delivery (PTD) continues to be one of the most significant unsolved problems of public health and perinatology. There is increasing evidence that PTD is a complex cluster of problems with a set of overlapping factors and influences. This study combines the application of a rigorous epidemiological framework, clinical psychology, biological and statistical approach to examine the relation of maternal history of childhood sexual abuse, lifetime and pregnancy-intimate partner violence with the prevalence of mood and anxiety disorders and to evaluate the associations of preterm delivery risk with mood and anxiety disorders in early pregnancy.

Study Design and Setting

This prospective cohort study is being carried out at the National Maternal and Perinatal Institute in Lima, Peru. This urban hospital serves vulnerable, low income women who suffer from a high prevalence of intimate partner violence and are susceptible to mental health symptoms.

Study Team

United States
Dr. Michelle Williams
Dr. Bizu Gelaye

Dr. Sixto Sanchez
Ms. Elena Sanchez