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06/05/2020 GINGER graduates poised to elevate neuropsychiatric genetics research across Africa

04/24/2020 Mental health in Africa amid pandemic

04/06/2020 The covid-19 crisis is going to get much worse when it hits rural areas (Washington Post)

02/18/2020 New program aims to increase diversity in doctoral programs at Harvard Chan School

08/19/2019 Study looks at psychiatric genetics in African populations

08/31/2017 Boosting African research collaborations on the genetics of neuropsychiatric disorders

02/24/2017 – Domestic Violence: A Hidden Public Health Threat That Affects Businesses (Huffington Post)

10/17/2016 – Dr. Michelle Williams elected to National Academy of Medicine. Read more here.

10/11/2016 – Preventing Domestic Violence Is Everyone’s Business (Huffington Post)

09/19/2016 Maternal depression significantly higher in low- and middle-income countries compared with wealthier countries

07/01/2016 – Dr. Michelle Williams begins as Dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In her welcome message, she said the list of public health issues is long and the challenges immense, “but the goal is the same—to create powerful ideas that lead to a healthier world.” Read more here.

04/08/2016 – Senator Elizabeth Warren gave a talk “Fighting for Change in the U.S. Senate,” and then did a Q&A with Dr. Michelle Williams. Watch the event here.

02/19/2016 – Dr. Michelle Williams will become the next dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, starting in July. Read about Dr. Williams’ distinguished career and new appointment here.

12/15/2015 – Dr. Michelle Williams discusses getting residents on board with proposed smoking ban in public housing.

10/15/2015 – GRAPE team study on “Childhood abuse is associated with stress-related sleep disturbance and poor sleep quality in pregnancy” is featured on the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health website news.

05/27/2015 – Dr. Michelle Williams received a mentoring award at the  2015 Commencement Eve Awards Celebration. Each year, mentoring awards are presented to faculty at the Chan School of Public Health based on student nominations. See photos from the event here.

03/18/2015 – Annals of Epidemiology‘s list of the top 5 downloaded articles of 2014 includes Dr. Michelle Williams’ article Correlates of cortisol in human hair: implications for epidemiologic studies on health effects of chronic stress

07/31/2014 – Dr. Michelle Williams interviews Dr. Dimitrios Trichopoulos (Epidemiology VOICES)

01/09/2014 – Seasonal Variation of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D among non-Hispanic Black and White Pregnant Women from Three US Pregnancy Cohorts (Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology)

12/04/2013 – Role of stress in health disparities explored (Harvard Chan School of Public Health News)

11/18/2013 – Examining the impact of stress (Harvard Medical School News)

11/15/2013 – Economic challenges contribute to rise in stillbirths among immigrants in Spain (Harvard Chan School of Public Health News)

08/09/2013 – Shedding light on gestational diabetes challenges, controversies (Harvard Chan School of Public Health News)

04/19/2013 – C-PASS II pilot study  featured on Chilean news (24 Horas)

08/28/2012 – Sleep apnea and poverty (Huffington Post)