Multi-Country Study of Sleep and Stimulant Use among College Students


  • To examine the prevalence and correlates of sleep and mental health disorders among college students.


Chronic poor sleep quality and sleep disorders are widely recognized as risk factors for cardiovascular disease, a condition with increasing incidence in many middle and low income countries. The use of stimulants has increased globally over the last decade but only very few epidemiologic studies have examined the biological and lifestyle characteristics associated with use of these drinks.

Study Design and Setting

A multi-country cross-sectional study conducted among college students in four countries: Chile, Ethiopia, Peru and Thailand. Students were invited to fill out anonymous surveys that requested information on socio-demographic, lifestyle, and sleep-related factors. After students filled out the survey, they were invited for a brief physical examination during which trained research nurses took anthropometric and blood pressure measurements.

Study Team

United States
Dr. Michelle WIlliams
Dr. Bizu Gelaye

Dr. Juan Carlos Velez
Dr. Clarita Barbosa
Dr. Asterio Andrade

Dr. Yemane Berhane
Ms. Seblewengel Lemma

Dr. Sixto Sanchez
Ms. Elena Sanchez

Dr. Somrat Lertmaharit
Dr. Vitool Lohsoonthorn
Dr. Wipawan Pensuksan

Publications from this Study

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