Qiuyue Zhong, PhD

QIUYUEPrincipal Data Scientist

50 Commercial Street, 3R
Manchester, NH 03101

Email qiz304@mail.harvard.edu

Research Interests

Having degrees in both Medicine and Economics and pursuing a degree in Epidemiology, I am trying to integrate my knowledge in medicine and social science into epidemiologic research to improve women’s health. My primary research interest is in reproductive and perinatal epidemiology. I have been involved in studies of HIV prevention among under-served population and evaluation of maternal anemia’s influence on perinatal outcomes. My most recent interest is addressing intimate partner violence and childhood abuse against women and their influences on women’s physical and mental health. Another area of interest is exploring the psychometric properties of screening tools for mood disorders. I am applying both classic test theory and contemporary test theory to validate those tools among pregnant women.


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