Chile Pediatric and Adult Sleep Study (C-PASS II)


  • To validate self- and/or proxy-reported sleep duration and sleep quality of adolescents with disabilities and their primary caregivers using objective measures of sleep (ActiSleep monitor);
  • To assess the relationship between measures of sleep traits and chronic stress with cardio-metabolic parameters and psychological health among adolescents with disabilities and their primary caregivers;



Study Design and Setting

A cross-sectional study among adolescents with disabilities and their primary caregivers, which uses (a) interviewer-administered questionnaires to obtain information about health behaviors, subjective stress, sleep and psychological health, (b) ActiSleep monitors  to objectively measure sleep parameters, (c) collection of hair and saliva samples for assessment of chronic stress (two unique biomarkers), and (d) brief physical examination to collect anthropometric and blood pressure measurements.

Study Team

Dr. Michelle Williams, Principal Investigator
Dr. Xiaoli Chen, Co-Investigator
Dr. Juan Carlos Velez, Co-Investigator
Dr. Clarita Barbosa, Co-Investigator
Dr. Bizu Gelaye, Co-Investigator
Ms. Micah Pepper, Research Coordinator